Mid American Rubber is well-equipped to engineer a variety of print rollers. Our experience and cutting-edge technology go hand-in-hand to produce products that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations for durability and quality.

flexographic meter doctor rubber covered rollers

Doctor/Meter Rollers

Doctor rollers, also known as meter rollers, are partially submerged in an ink tank and are used to transfer ink to an anilox or ceramic roll. The texture of the anilox/ceramic roller allows the roller to hold a specific amount of ink in thousands of small wells or cups, enabling the roller to meter the ink to the printing plate in a uniform thickness evenly and quickly.

hot stamp rollers foil

Hot Stamp Roller

Hot stamp rollers apply foil or preprinted heat transfers by delivering heat and contact pressure.

lamination rollers flexographic

Lamination Rollers

Lamination rollers use adhesive and high temperatures to encase a surface with a protective covering.


Nip Roller

Also known as laminating or pinch rollers, nip rollers feed or pull materials from other rollers. Mid American Rubber’s Nip Roll Program offers brand new nip rolls complete with precision bearings for a variety of presses at a cost close to recovery prices. Rolls are in stock and ready to ship the next business day. Call Tammy at (800) 723-8190 for more information on our Nip Roll Program.

Printing Rollers

Printing Rollers

Mid American Rubber manufactures precision rubber rolls for the graphics industry to include: Flexographic, Offset, Letterpress, Gravure and most custom applications. We offer a wide variety of precision ground rollers and rubber compounds for most printing applications. With years of experience we are able to provide quality new and recovered rollers at a competitive price.


Web Cleaner Rolls

Web cleaner rollers are used in wet processing to remove dirt and contaminants from moving webs and substrates. Mid American Rubber can recover your narrow web cleaner rolls as well as supply new rollers using a specifically formulated MagnaFree® (pdf) compound.


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