If new rollers are what you need, look no further! Mid American Rubber offers design services and can manufacture rollers up to 96″ in length and 12″ in diameter. We also offer in-house roller reconditioning for those hoping to get more life out of existing rollers.

We specialize in custom design and compounding and can provide complete roller assemblies to meet the needs of our customers. Our in-house processes make us very competitive from complete design to delivery. From our engineering expertise in roller design to final inspection to verify customer specifications, we maintain an excellent quality rating with our customers, resulting in a reject rate of less than 1 percent.

Alternately, our recovered roller services result in a “like new” roller with reduced costs and turn-around times.

Whether recovering used or supplying new rollers, Mid American Rubber strives to manufacture a quality product that meets and exceeds your needs for durability and performance.

Interested in learning more about Mid American Rubber and our capabilities? Contact us today to request a quote or more information.